"Silverleaf Children's Academy was our top pick after visiting numerous daycares in Springfield, while pregnant with our first son. Only weeks before giving birth, we learned we had a spot secure at the south location- we felt very fortunate and relieved. My son, Jack, started in the infant room in October 2016 at 8-weeks old. With some minor health issues related to swallowing deficiencies and some food allergies, he had a lot of restrictions and special instructions. The staff at SLCA was excellent at accommodating his special diet, which put this new mom at ease! Shortly after Jack turned one, we became pregnant with twins! Once again, I felt incredibly lucky to have spots secure at the top rated daycare in Springfield. Currently, our twins (Fitz and Lucy) are in the infant room and our older son (Jack) is in the PRE-K1 room. 
I am constantly asked the question that full-time working moms dread "so why don't you stay home with all these babies??". My response is easy- because I have an AWESOME daycare with the best teachers around. SLCA is not just a childcare facility. It truly is a children's academy- my older son was using sign language before he could speak. He now translates all colors and letters from English to Spanish (he is only 2!!). I highly doubt I would be able to provide him that strong educational foundation if he was stuck at home with me and two babies all day.
We are so thankful for the entire staff and administration at SLCA who now feel like our extended family. It definitely takes a village- and so glad they are part of mine!"

Katelyn and Jeremy Hoke

"We have been part of the Silverleaf family for 8 years now. We started at the 4th Street location and moved to the Rochester location once there was an opening, since it’s closer to home. We have 3 children, and they have been in and out of every room at the Rochester location! We appreciate the love the teachers have for our kids and the fun activities they do with them! It feels good to know our kids are safe and having fun when we can't be with them."

The Jewell Family

"When you walk through the doors at Silverleaf west you feel at home. My sons reach out for a hug from their teachers at drop off and hate to leave at the end of the day. Throughout the day we are able to see not only activities but photos and videos of our sons day. Silverleaf daycare has far exceeded my expectations. Finding a place with teachers who love your children as their own is a big enough compliment...but these teachers also help your children grow and learn!!! My three year old has made amazing strides in all areas and I give credit to the amazing team at Silverleaf."

Jared and Carrie Gerding

"My son switched from another daycare starting way behind the curve of where a child his age should be. Once at Silverleaf he was assessed almost immediately and I was provided a report of where he is and where he should be for kindergarten preparation, of course we knew he was not where he should be. The Silverleaf teachers worked with him, and provided occasional testing to see where he was, he is going to be starting kindergarten with all the knowledge and confidence he needs thanks to the persistence, and structure of the classroom curriculum. The teachers at Silverleaf do not treat your child as work, they treat your child as they would their own, and you can see the love in their everyday interactions.
I especially love that the kids get to do yoga, dancing to music, science experiments, indoor snow ball fights (with fake snow balls) and are fed healthy organic foods.
Having switched from another daycare, I can say they are NOT all the same, and that we are so happy we made the switch to Silverleaf West."

Aspen McKenzie

"Silverleaf Children's Academy has been and continues to be a wonderful experience for both us the parents and our children. We have the peace of mind knowing that our children will be not only taken care of by wonderful teachers, but they are also actively learning important academic and social skills."

The Pacheo Family

"We cannot express our sincerest thanks and appreciation for all the teachers and administrators at Silverleaf Children’s Academy West. We enrolled our daughter, Ava, three and a half years ago, when she was 8 weeks old, and our son, Liam, a year ago, when he was also 8 weeks old. Each staff member plays an immeasurable role in the teaching and development of our children. It gives us peace of mind, as parents, to know our most precious of blessings are so well cared for and loved each and every day. Silverleaf will always and forever be a part of our family."

Pete & Terah Hennessy

" I stayed home with Lily for the first 9 months or so, when we decided that it was time for me to go back to work. We checked into several different places before deciding on SLCA. They are a smaller facility that feels more like a home and not an institution some of the bigger facilities felt like to me. They worked with me and Lily during her transition and I feel like they are a part of our family. Her teachers are absolutely wonderful, and I can tell they love Lily. It's so hard finding somewhere where you can trust them with your child, but that's what I've found with Silverleaf. They do daily activities like paiting, and even at her young age are already teaching her valuable lessons. I would highly recommend SLCA to anyone in need of childcare! We absolutely love it there! "

Mysti Fickas

" Prior to my daughter being enrolled at Silverleaf Children's Academy, she had been attending another daycare for just over a year. We were unsatisfied not only with the quality of care she was receiving, but also with the unhealthy meal plan. The first thing that grabbed our attention about Silverleaf was their nurtritious menu. They offer many organic fruits and vegetables and all organic milk; they also have many fresh and whole grain items. After touring the facility and meting some of the staff, I was very excite to get her enrolled! We have been a part of Silverleaf for 3 months now and are so happy we made the move. Thanks to the enriching environment and caring teachers and staff, our daughter is thriving both socially and academically. A lesson plan is sent home each week so that I know what she has been learning and we can continue learning at home. I also like that I can keep in constant contact with the director, through text and picture messaging. I would highly recommend Silverleaf Children's Academy to any parent looking for a healthy, nurturing environment for their child. And my daugher loves it too, most days she is having too much fun to leave! "

Stacie Price